Rashed Kamal


The Databiz Software Lmt

Bangladeshi young technology entrepreneur Rashed Kamal has enlightened societies in some African lands Kenya and Uganda which are in the process of enlightments in Software and ITES sector in recent days.

He Started Professional career in late 1998 as a Business and System Analyst in Software Development companies in Bangladesh and later started his own company Databiz Inc (currently known as The Databiz Software Ltd) and founded The Monthly C News (a leading ICT Magazine from Bangladesh) in 2002. He  attached with BCS, BASIS, DCCI, IBA Alumni Association, DU Alumni Association, MBA Club, IBA Alumni Club, Rotary,AOTS (Japan), Internet Society,Old Ideals Student Association etc and always trying to integrate and sketch business domain knowledge with IT.

From his student life I was a Passionate software developer, Trainer and Business Process Analyst. His professional goal is to lead my Organization(s) to a world renowned level as well as to promote the country (Bangladesh) as the next IT destination of the world.

Currently his area of work includes Management Consulting, Project Management, High level Business and System Analysis, Software Customization Analysis, Database Design and Development, Software Process Management, Implementation Consulting, Disaster Recovery Team Management, IT Export Marketing and IT Journalism.

Holding the flag of United Nations he moved around the corners of the African countries to share knowledge on software development, standard regulation as well as modern international marketing method. Despite that the people of Uganda and Kenya have been introduced with technology, they have little knowledge in market expansion.

Rashed Kamal, CEO and Managing Director of The Databiz Software Ltd, one of the leading Bangladeshi software developers, shared his experience in an exclusive chat with the Daily Observer recently.

Kamal trained 30 technology entrepreneurs in Kenya and Uganda as specialist of a United Nation's programme.

"An innovation is enough to brand a company, a country or a nation. Every good initiative starts at home and then spread globally," Kamal started his words.

He said there are lots of potentials in African countries but they lack proper guidance.

Kamal added he had to successfully leave behind a good number of stages before becoming adviser in Kenya and Uganda.