Aziz Ahmad

President and CEO

UTC Associates, Inc
Aziz Ahmad is the President and CEO of UTC Associates, Inc., a leading systems and network integration company founded in 2001. An accomplished business leader, Aziz was the lead architect of AT&T’s 21st century networks.  He directed AT&T’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) Team/Consortium, which was created to research, develop and demonstrate next generation broadband access based on IP and Multi-wavelength optical technology. The Consortium’s effort delivered both quantum advances and various global successes in late 90s.  Aziz’s work required AT&T’s Sr. management sponsorship and coordination across several hundred technical, academic and management personnel and teams spread across the United States.

Mr. Ahmad is on the board of directors and an early stage investor in various companies, primarily in the USA and Bangladesh. He founded Vonair, Inc. a leading multimedia based applications, and Netra Systems, and co invested in Vidtel, all three companies later successfully sold. Mr. Ahmad also recently joined Coderstrust’s board of directors, a company supported by the Danish Government’s DANIDA consortium, with a vision to democratize access to education via the Internet on a global scale.

Mr. Ahmad’s relentless effort is to serve society at large. He has served on the board of various educational and non-profit institutions, including: The High School for Enterprise, Business, Technology of NYC department of Education, the Engineering Leadership Council at the Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York, the New Jersey Technology Council, and South Asian Business Networks (SABAN).

Mr. Ahmad is a member of Economic Development Commission appointed by Mayor of Marlboro Township of the State of New Jersey and a Board committee member of his local council of Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Ahmad is on the board of directors of US Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce – NE, the oldest and largest pan Asian American organization representing Asian American business in the United States.

Mr. Ahmad is the recipient of the City University of New York’s First Asian American Distinguished Alumni Award.  He was inducted into the Wall of Honor at the Grove School of Engineering (the City College of City University of New York). Mr. Ahmad was also awarded the SBA Emerging Leaders Award by SBA Administrator Ms. Maria Contreras Sweet. Mr. Ahmad hasalso been honored in NASDAQ and NYSE closing bells ceremony for his significant businesssuccess and many philanthropic endeavors.

A leading community leader and benefactor, Mr. Ahmad has established both the "Aziz Ahmad Leadership Lectures Series" and an entrepreneurship Institute at the City College of New York, CUNY, where Fortune 500 corporate leaders are invited to offer keynote speeches.

Mr. Ahmad participates in numerous speaking engagements, keynotes and panels across the area of technology and social venture initiatives.  These philanthropic presentations includes a recent presentation in Guatemala about the importance of technology and innovation for underserved and un-served regions of the world; and another with Sir Richard Branson, The founder of Virgin, and Morten Lund, co investor of Skype, in Copenhagen, Denmark about improving technological skills for students of underdeveloped and emerging countries.