Russell T Ahmed

Senior Vice President

Russell T. Ahmed, the Founder & CEO of, country’s pioneer e-learning project is serving as the Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), the largest national trade body for IT and ITES of this country. Mr. Ahmed has recently launched a very new Learning Management System (LMS) called "ClassTune" for both local and global market. Mr. Ahmed, together with "The Daily Star", initiated and launched, an online education system in Bangladesh for Bangla and English medium school students. Mr. Ahmed lead his team in launching two most popular Education TV Reality Shows i.e. Spelling Bee, and "Bangladesh 1st" goes to Channel I and MaasRanga TV respectively. Mr. Ahmed is currently the Senior Vice President at Bangla- desh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS). During the term 2014-2016, he offered best of his abilities with the capacity of Senior Vice Presi- dent to take the Association to few steps ahead. Among many successful initiatives of BASIS, "Digital World 2014", "Digital World 2015", "Digital World 2016" "IT Marketing Summit", "Internet Week 2015" are notable projects he managed. Mr. Ahmed is involved with the ICT industry for over 15 years now and has brought a vast professional career before initiating his own venture, He served many large organizations with C-Level capacity such as Chief Marketing Officer at QUBEE, Chief Strategic Officer at Fiber@Home and Chief Operating Officer at Aamra Networks. Russell T Ahmed was elected Secre- tary General of the Executive Committee of ISP Asso- ciation of Bangladesh (ISPAB) for the term 2008-2009. This vibrant & dynamic Tech-Marketer has a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from IBA, University of Dhaka.