Mohammad Arfe Elahi

IT Manager

Access to Information (a2i)

Elahi is an IT Manager at a2i. He is primarily responsible for providing expert advice and services in technological issues for e-services to the Government agencies which include Identify innovative ICT initiatives of the Government agencies, review technological aspects of the innovative initiatives, conduct consultations with the relevant Government agencies regarding the shortcomings of the e-Services, provide advisory to technology team to develop and design different system for technology solutions and ddevelop specifications and architectural requirements of the features and specifications of the software applications. Elahi also provides advisory to capacity development by coaching government ICT focal points on all issues related to ensuring proper function of the e-service system and closely works with e-Service projects in relevant ministry / directorate. An online Land Record System, new Generation e-File System and Mutation System for Land have been developed under the supervision of Elahi.

Elahi completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Newport University, USA and MBA majoring in MIS from Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology, Dhaka. He has CISA and CCNA membership and certification, has practical experience in IT Project Management, IT Governance, IT Audit & Compliance, Business and System Requirements Analysis & Design, MIS Design, ERP System Design and implementation, developing and managing large-scale software system, End-User Support Service Management as well as providing training in home and abroad.