Loban Amaan Rahman

Technology Architect & Game Master


Loban Amaan Rahman has been professionally involved in the computer and information technology industry for around 14 years. He originally starting out by writing scientific applications in C/C++ and operating systems for embedded devices in C/Assembly. This was when he was introduced to GNU, the free-software movement, and open-source in general - and he has never looked back, contributing code to numerous projects throughout the years; including Gnome, the Linux kernel, GCC, Symfony, Drupal, and many more. Going with the times, Loban shifted to working primarily on web-based applications, immersing himself in numerous technologies from frontend/backend frameworks to SaaS services and cloud APIs. Lately, Loban has been involved in cross-platform "hybrid" mobile application development.


Loban Amaan Rahman is currently the Technology Architect and "Game Master" at Jeeon (http://jeeon.co), an innovative healthcare and technology startup whose mantra is "Making Well-being Universal".