Encryptions on Cloud Data

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Encryptions on Cloud Data

Date : 2nd February, 2017 Venue : Green View Time : 11:00 AM~01:00 PM



Encryptions on Cloud Data


2nd February 2017, Thursday


11:00 AM~01:00 PM


Green View

Cloud computing is currently one the most hyped IT innovations that promises potential opportunities for business and social innovation as well as modernizing ICT. For developing countries like Bangladesh, this technology aims to provide the clients a cost effective and convenient means to manage the huge amount of IT resources. As the IT industry goes through a major shift, new opportunities for Bangladesh are open to employ technology at a lower cost and with much greater ease and success than in the past. So to secure the information stored in the cloud system, encryption is a must.

The Main purpose of this session is to build a strategy in order to help organizations of both the public and private sector in Bangladesh to adopt cloud computing technology opportunities and prevent its obstacles through secured encryption.