Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)

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Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)

Date : 2nd February, 2017 Venue : Celebrity Hall Time : 03:00 PM~05:00 PM

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Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)


2nd February 2017, Thursday


03:00 PM~05:00 PM


Celebrity Hall

Application lifecycle management-ALM is the process of managing software applications from business idea generation to when the application no longer has any business value, and is removed from service. An application’s lifecycle includes the entire time span during which an organization spends money on this asset. The process of managing application’s lifecycle can be divided into three distinct areas - governance, development, and operations. In summary, ALM is a set of pre-defined processes that start somewhere in the business as an idea, a need, a challenge or a risk and then pass through different development phases such as requirements definition, design, development, testing, deployment, release and maintenance spanning across an entire lifecycle of a product. Throughout the ALM process, each of these steps is closely monitored and controlled, followed by proper tracking and documentation of any changes to the application