Cross Platform Game Development

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Cross Platform Game Development

Date : 1st February, 2017 Venue : Green View Time : 05:30 PM~07:30 PM



Cross Platform Game Development


1st February 2017, Wednesday


05:30 PM~07:30 PM


Green View

Today, mobile game development has become a very lucrative industry because of the huge number of users using smartphones to play games. Over 80% of mobile and smart phone users play atleast one or more than one mobile games, and this percentage gets even higher for tablet users.

Developing an efficient game that can engage the users requires the use of a vast array of technologies and a multitude of disciplines. Cross-platform mobile game development not only eradicates all these issues, but is also known for delivering an incredible gaming experience which is not only consistent but works perfectly in both offline and online modes.

We will briefly discuss the following issues on this seminar:

-          What is cross-platform game development?

-          How does cross-platform game development eradicate development problems?

-          Availability of development tools.

-          Benefits of cross-platform game development.

-          Future of cross-platform game development.