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Mahboob Zaman

Mahboob Zaman, a valiant freedom fighter, is being recognized as one of the pioneer entrepreneur in software industry. He has been successfully leading a promising team to the global forefront to build up the name of Bangladesh as a trusted IT destination for the Outsourcing market. As the ex-President of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services), Mahboob Zaman has been working to taking the IT industry of the country to the next level. The Recent inclusion of Bangladesh in the top 30 IT outsourcing destination as published by Gartner Consulting Inc., the global leader in outsourcing consulting has complemented their effort to make establish Bangladesh’s image as strong force in the IT industry in the world.

Mr. Zaman has been elected as BASIS president in 2010 with the vision of Taking BASIS to the next level. Since then he has been working to establish Bangladesh as the next IT outsourcing destination. During his reign as the BASIS president, Mr. Zaman started Japan Focus Group, a body of Bangladeshi IT Companies doing or interested in doing business in Japan. Since then he has been chairing this group. The Japan Focus Group members have been attending the Japan IT week regularly and arranged numerous B2B Matchmaking sessions between IT companies of both countries in Bangladesh and Japan.

With an academic background in Statistics from DhakaUniversity, he specializes in port and logistics management, banking & micro finance, bioinformatics and outsourcing.

Under his leadership DataSoft has successfully implemented international best practices like BOOT & SaaS model in the government and private sector which has helped DataSoft to establish itself as a role model for the IT industry of Bangladesh.

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