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Syeda Kamrun Ahmed

Syeda Kamrun Ahmed is an award winning highly accomplished entrepreneur in the ICT industry, engineer, business analyst and academician. She has over 10 years of experience in the ICT industry and as an academician and through a wide range of work and educational experiences, she has developed a comprehensive set of skills. She has received a number of awards over the years including JCI TOYP Award 2016, Best ecommerce website from BBJF (Bangladesh Business Journalists Forum), BEST IT USE Award for her work with Benchmark e-Generation Ltd. For her stellar academic results in MBA, she was awarded the Chancellor’s Gold Medal during the 13th NSU Convocation. She has also won numerous accolades in the world of debating, including the Best Debater Award at the S.O.S. International Championship.

Syeda Kamrun Ahmed is currently the CEO of BAGDOOM.com, a very popular lifestyle Ecommerce website in Bangladesh redefining the digital retail landscape. During the initial days, she served as the Director of Strategy and Planning at BAGDOOM.com. Prior to that, she was also a faculty member for BBA & MBA Program at South East University. As Director of Benchmark e-Generation Ltd, her role was to coordinate business plans and strategies between various stakeholders, as well as manage relationships with international clients. She has worked with different Development agencies in the past such as CBI-Netherlands as well as ITC- Switzerland.

She chairs the BASIS Standing Committee for Digital Commerce advocating the utilization of online platforms for businesses and works closely with other industry stakeholders to formulate policies and support the companies through maintaining liaison with the Government and concerned Ministries. She is a Director of BWIT (Bangladesh Women in IT) as well as a member of IEB (Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh).

Syeda was awarded a US State Department Fellowship hosted by University of Oklahoma in 2014 for Entrepreneurship development. She has represented Bangladesh in Netherlands-Bangladesh IT Conference and Matchmaking Event in Amsterdam, organized by UNCTAD/WTO( ITC).

Syeda Kamrun Ahmed has completed her undergraduate degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and finished her MBA from North South University, both with exceptional results.
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Syeda Kamrun Ahmed