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Uttam Kumar Paul

Uttam Kumar Paul is currently serving as a Director of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), the largest national trade body for IT and ITES of this country. With over 11 years of job experience in different entities, he entered into ICT business in 2001. With his post-graduation from University of Dhaka, he worked in pharmaceutical industries where he got involved with software professionals as Business System Analyst to develop needed solutions. With a target for development of world-class accounting-inventory package software, Mr. Uttam founded Best Business Bond Ltd. (3BL) and launched the standard package software "Troyee" in September 2005, a time befttiing epochal step in the software industry of Bangladesh. To intensify aware- ness for benefit of IT use, Mr. Uttam worked very hard to organize free seminars, workshops regularly. During this interaction, he found shortage of human resource in software-based business functional areas that require different kinds of computer skills, not programming skills. To meet this demand he developed step-by-step tutorial namely, "Computerized Business Operations (CBO)", which is very well-liked by the job-seekers. His continual passion for new experience enabled his company working in e-ticketing system for Metro-Rail, Ferry-Ghat etc. of Bangladesh with NFC technology. At BASIS, for the term 2014-16, Mr. Uttam was elected Director and positioned as Treasurer from 2012-13; as Vice President from 2013-14. For next term 2014-16, he won uncontested Director at BASIS and positioned as Secretary General. He is also Director-in-Charge of Standing Committee on Local Market (Policy); Standing Committee on HR Development and Standing Commit- tee on IOT & Embedded Technology. During these terms, his involvement in different issues of advocacy was very dynamic and he exerted best of his abilities to achieve the goal of different events along with other EC members.
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Uttam Kumar Paul