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Kaymun Amin

Kaymun Amin is the founder & CEO of VU mobile (http://www.vumobile.biz), a mobile digital services company operating since 2005.  He is also the founder and CEO of Adplay Mobile (http://adplay-mobile.com), a leading mobile ad tech company providing mobile advertising solutions to brands, agencies, publishers and mobile operators.  Kaymun has over 16 years experience in mobile, online and advertising space. VU Mobile’s digital services include mobile gaming platforms, video streaming services and mobile apps. More than 5million mobile users subscribe to VU Mobile’s digital service portfolio. 

Adplay Mobile started operations in 2015 and serves more than 700millions ads every month for more than 50 agencies and brands in Bangladesh and ten other countries.  

Kaymun has a Bachelor of Science degree from Drake University, USA.  He is passionate about building mobile products for the emerging markets and actively participates in any forum where he can share his thoughts on mobile digital services and mobile advertising. Here is a link to his interview by MEF TV at Mobile World Congress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRxshRtEKvM

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Kaymun Amin

Founder & CEO

VU Mobile Limited