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Suren Aloyan

Suren earned a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from Texas University, and also took
Public information courses at the NATO Schools in Germany and Hungary. Continuing his education in
the US, Suren completed his PhD studies in Resource Management in Monterey, California.
Parallel to his studies, Suren got engaged with the RA Ministry of Defense, becoming a chief expert in
the defence policy department and being considered as one of the best specialists in the sphere of
international relations. Throughout the past 7 years, as the Founder and CEO of the Dasaran
Educational Program, Suren has gained vast experience in the sphere of education, primarily working
towards modernization of education in Armenia and contributing to extensive data-driven state policymaking and educational reforms.
Dasaran Educational Program is Armenia’s first comprehensive eLearning portal integrating technology and gamification with
educational modules to bridge the learning and technology divide
across Armenia, and make quality education accessible to all the
Currently the program engages around 1 million registered users
(students, teachers, parents and policy makers) in Armenia, uniting all the public schools in the country
in a single platform. Through its activities Dasaran tackles issues such as unequal access to education,
low efficiency and high corruption risks in the education system, and the huge development gap
between rural and urban areas.

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Suren Aloyan

Founder, Chairman & CEO