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Ludovic Dupuis

Ludovic has started his career in academic research on fragile ecosystem and natural habitat
preservation. He worked for academic research centre in Sweden, France and England. He joined
Medecins Sans Frontiere in 2011 with the mission to develop their first Geographic Information System
to support epidemiological studies and improve responsiveness in emergency crisis.
In 2015, he joined the Telecommunication infrastructure Company Helios Towers Africa, to officiate as
GIS specialist with the mission to develop methods in valuation of asset’s portfolio.
As the first independent tower company in Africa, Helios
Towers Africa has been built from the ground up to provide
passive infrastructure services in the fastest growing
continent in the world. Seven of the world's ten fastestgrowing economies are African. Helios Towers Africa have
established one of Africa’s most extensive tower networks
with more than 6,500 towers over four markets.

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Ludovic Dupuis

GIS Expert

Helios Tower Africa