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Md. Imran Hossen

Md Imran Hossain is founder and CEO of EyHost Hosting Service. He is one of the youngest self-made IT entrepreneur in Bangladesh who opened a hosting business at the age of 20. He started his business in 2009 and currently his business grabs a huge market in Bangladesh as well as globally. Because of his clear values, aspirations and vision, mission and goals he made this business successful.

Mr. Imran graduated from American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB) majoring under Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). He also worked as a Data System Administrator at International School Dhaka (ISD).

He is Member of Standing committee on Web & Cloud Applications and Local Market (Market Creation) at Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services.

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Md. Imran Hossen

Founder and CEO

EyHost Hosting Service