Speaker - Sumit Saha


Sumit Saha


Learn with Sumit Founder & Managing Director, Analyzen.

Sumit Saha

Sumit is an entrepreneurial visionary with a passion for technology and business. He founded Analyzen in 2008 while still a student at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, which has since become a top-tier web and mobile application development firm and the first digital and social media marketing agency in Bangladesh. The company now operates globally with offices in Bangladesh, Singapore, and Myanmar, offering a broad portfolio of brands. As a founding member, Sumit manages local and international project management, planning, and execution.

Sumit created "Learn with Sumit" - an EdTech platform in 2020 after Analyzen, a highly acclaimed programming learning platform focused on delivering efficient and practical lessons on web development skills and techniques. He is an expert in web and mobile application development using either LAMP or MERN Stack, Facebook app development, Natural Language Processing and Digital/social Media marketing. Despite being an accomplished businessman, Sumit prefers to be identified as a "Programmer," believing that "Everyday life is like programming. If we love something, we can add beauty to it." This philosophy guides his actions, and he is constantly engaged in what he loves most - "Programming".