Speaker - Tajrian Binta Jahid


Tajrian Binta Jahid

Software Engineer


Tajrian Binta Jahid

Hello, I am Tajrian Jahid, a Software Engineer for the leading digital experience platform (DXP) - Optimizely, previously known as NewsCred. I am responsible for developing a unified and simplified experience for marketers to deploy content on any website or marketing platform. I graduated from Sylhet Engineering College with a degree in CSE. During my time there, I enjoyed competitive programming and formed the first all-female team to attend national-level contests and hackathons. I dedicated time as a mentor to promote problem-solving among young girls in Sylhet. I am interested in natural language processing and data science, and my favorite languages are JS and Python. One of my NLP projects, WeCareBot, a mental health consultancy bot for women, received recognition in "PrivaShe Hacks'20". I am passionate about using my skills and knowledge to positively impact the world and help businesses achieve their goals through technology while encouraging more girls to pursue STEM careers.