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Golam Kamruzzaman

Meet Golam Kamruzzaman, a highly accomplished Graphic Designer, Full-Time Freelancer, and Author of the blog "zamantalk.com". He is also the writer of the book "Freelancer er Golpokotha". With his exceptional skills and dedication, he has earned the title of Top-rated freelancer at Fiverr and Upwork. Since 2014, he has been working as a Full-Time Freelancer and has successfully completed over 6500 projects for more than 3500 clients. Moreover, he is the proud CEO of RAI Technologies (RAITEC), a company that offers a wide range of services to its clients.

Apart from his professional achievements, Golam Kamruzzaman is a devoted father of 4 kids. He has also been actively involved in helping the Freelancing community by providing motivational writing and speeches since 2014. He currently serves as the Admin of Fiverr Bangladesh, the largest freelancing group in Bangladesh, and is also working to establish a local community for freelancers.

With a vision to build a strong freelancing community in Bangladesh, Golam Kamruzzaman founded the Freelancer Community of Mymensing Division (FCMD), a divisional community that comprises 6 districts of Mymensingh division. He aspires to provide proper guidelines to interested people, establish a freelancer identity in society, and ensure a strong presence of freelancers in society.

In summary, Golam Kamruzzaman is a highly skilled and accomplished professional who has made significant contributions to the Freelancing community. He is a dedicated father, a talented writer, and a visionary entrepreneur who aims to build a better future for freelancers in Bangladesh.