Speaker - Dr. M. A. Sattar Mandal


Dr. M. A. Sattar Mandal

Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

Dr. M. A. Sattar Mandal

Professor M. A. Mandal is currently affiliated with Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh as the first Emeritus Professor. He also works as the Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, and as a Member of the Bangladesh Planning Commission. In addition, professor Mandal is currently invited as a member of the Agriculture Expert Pool of the Bangladesh government, and works as a Senior Advisor to FAO, Bangladesh, while serving as advisor for World Bank WRG 2030, CIMMYT-Bangladesh and other development partners.


An agricultural economist, professor Mandal has been involved in teaching, research and policy planning in agriculture and rural development for over four decades. Apart from his academic researches, he also led the preparation of many important national policy documents, including Agricultural Mechanization Policy (2019), Bangladesh Country Position Paper on Food Security for the SAARC Region (2007), National Agriculture Policy (1999). His works on irrigation water market and institutions made significant impact on the large-scale privatization of Bangladesh agriculture. His recent edited book on “Rural Mechanization: A Driver to Agricultural Change and Rural Development” is widely acclaimed.