Speaker - Mahfuz Rahman

Keynote speaker

Mahfuz Rahman

General Secretary

Bangldesh Freeelancer Development Society

Mahfuz Rahman

Mahfuz is the general secretary of central committee for Bangladesh Freelancers Development society. He has been working closely with freelainging community of Bangladesh to create a better future for the existing freelancers and also future freelancers. His has notable contribution in developing freelancing friendly policies with both goverment and non goverment counterparts. 

At BFDS Mahfuz’s role is to identify the issues related to the freelancers and come up with a solution and then work with relevant stakeholeds to resolve those issues. He has conducted data driven research and concluded a masterplan for freelancers development aiming to make Bangladesh the number one supplier of global freelance workforce.  

Mahfuz has graduated from Macquarie University and completed his MBA from Sydney University, Australia. He then moved back to Bangladesh in 2014 and started his career as an individual freelancer. After seeing some success working individually he moved onto building a team of his own.

Now Mahfuz has a team of 150+ employees located at Rajshahi High Tech Park that works with clients from all over the world. His company specializes in providing services to eCommerce Brands and Logistics Support. Apart from services his company has some digital SaaS products serving thousands of satisfied customers.