Speaker - Mr. Furkan Hossain

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Mr. Furkan Hossain



Mr. Furkan Hossain

Furkan Hossain is a Public Health Researcher and Social Entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Telemedicine Company HelloDoctor.Asia. Since 2008, Furkan has worked in the Field of Telemedicine and mHealth. He led to developing and implementing 10+ Telemedicine projects in Bangladesh, Kenia, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Nepal. HelloDoctor.Asia received the National ICT Award in 2019. In addition, Furkan has represented Bangladesh as a Telemedicine subject matter specialist in many countries, including India, Nepal, Hongkong, and the UK.

He is an innovative designer of mHealth and telemedicine programs for low resource settings. Furkan is passionate about health care IT and medical technology integration with IT. He specializes in health care delivery and organizational process improvement through the use of unified communications and information technology.