Speaker - Mr. Md Forhad Zahid Shaikh


Mr. Md Forhad Zahid Shaikh

Chief Strategist, e-Governance Team Leader- Digital Service accelerator

Aspire to Innovate (a2i)

Mr. Md Forhad Zahid Shaikh

Mr. Forhad Zahid Shaikh is the most notable one in the sector of e-Governance specially digitalization of Public Services in Bangladesh with his remarkable contributions in digital service process simplifications, design, architecture, policy, strategy and innovations. Currently Mr. Forhad is leading the Digital Service Accelerator as “Chief e-Governance Strategist” a2i, ICT Division of Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology formerly had been playing role as "ICT Manager" in the a2i, Prime Minister's Office of Bangladesh for more than 10 years. Several innovations and significant initiatives made his 22 years’ service tenure remarkable and placed him as one of the front-line leaders towards establishing Digital Bangladesh. With his prudent leadership of Digital Service Accelerator, a2i , ICT Division for providing dedicated digitalization assistance and advisory supports, 28 Ministries/Divisions and 137 organizations are currently in action of Digital Government Applications and e-service delivery system development and implementation for which they successfully designed and simplified 1624 public services through Digital Service Design Lab.

He has been working in a2i since 2008 (more than 13 Years) contributing immensely to the field of Digital Service innovations, Service reengineering, Designing and Piloting them to introduce new digital era within the Government. He is the lead focal of National Tele-health Service Coordination Unit for Covid-19, Maa Tele-Health Platform for pregnant & lactating mother, “Probash Bondhu” Call Center for migrant workers and BSMMU- a2i Specialized Tele Health Center. In the last few years, his innovation and designed methodology “Digital Service Design and planning Lab” (DSDL) has been considering as an innovative, popular and effective methodology of public service digitalization/e-Service/e-Government application design, development and implementation for the capacity enhancement of Service provider organizations by direct involvement of civil servant officials and service recipients.