Speaker - Mr. Shahin Kabir Chandan


Mr. Shahin Kabir Chandan

Founder and CEO

Celestial Tech Ltd.

Mr. Shahin Kabir Chandan

Shahin Kabir is the founder and CEO of Celestial Tech Ltd. A company that provides engineering services to Maritime institutions and Maritime Industry in Bangladesh with a product and services portfolio that encompasses the complete spectrum of Marine Technology. With 55 engineers and a total of 89 employees, Celestial Tech is probably the only company in Bangladesh that provide complete solutions for shipbuilding, Hydrography, Oceanography, Fishing and Maritime Education since 2001.

Shahin, is an ex Naval officer with a degree in Electronics Engineering from Naval College of  Croatia. His Academic qualification was further enriched with specialization on Early Warning  Radar systems and Electronic Warfare systems from People’s Liberation Army’s Naval Academy in China. And specialization in Weapon Engineering and Fire control System from Royal Naval Engineering College in Plymouth England.

He served as a system engineer for missile boat and Torpedo boat squadrons of Bangladesh Navy for 7 years and was involved in acquisition of Training Simulators of Missile and Missile boats from PLA Navy, China.

His dream is to improve the livelihood of the Coastal  fishermen of Bangladesh by educating them to use GPS, Fishfinders, VHF Radio and electronic charts and working relentlessly to achieve  this with Government, NGO’s and Fishing Boat owner’s associations. This is how he wants to see a smart Bangladesh by 2035.