Speaker - Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan

Keynote Presenter

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan

Managing Director

Divine IT Limited

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan is the Founder and CEO of Divine IT Limited. Known for his aptitude in technology and an amplifier of human potential combined with his passion for applying technology in purposeful ways to address some of the biggest challenges of the information technology industry.

He has completed his graduation in Computer Science & Engineering. He began his career working on numerous complex technological areas such as network administration & simulation, system design, planning & establishment, enterprise business operating system, cyber security, etc.

For the last 27 years, he is proliferating his great knowledge and business acumen to strengthen the IT industry of Bangladesh. His remarkable talent for handling complex technological projects as well as organizational administration made him a successful person in the IT industry.

He is one of the CDCP, CDCS, and, CTDC professionals in Bangladesh. His specialization in the most critical technical domain helping the IT industry of Bangladesh to achieve milestones and encouraged them to create something on their own and change the stereotypical ways of work.

With Divine IT Limited, Mr. Iqbal Ahmed started a journey where he can invent, create, teach, build, and give life to his thoughts which not only drives value for clients and the entire organization but extends outside the company as well. He always emphasizes delivering timeless services to customers, a framework that articulates the principles of renewing existing processes and landscapes without disruption to customer environments.