Speaker - Mr. Raisul Kabir


Mr. Raisul Kabir

Chief Technology Officer

Brain Station 23 Limited

Mr. Raisul Kabir

Raisul Kabir is the Co-Founder & CEO of Brain Station 23 Ltd. Where carefully handpicked & trained talented developers work on developing web & mobile applications as well as solutions, enterprise application, big data & cloud technologies. Our most clients are small and medium sized located in The Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Canada and US.

He have also Co-founded nopStation(company for nopCommerce solution provider) & Biponee( a successful ecommerce startup in Bangladesh).

During his university time, he was doing part time work in web application development in ASP 3, PHP, ASP.net etc. He has been holding a passion for web technologies since 2000 and was involved in many small to large web application development since then. Which is why software development made me choose IT over my graduating subject Electrical and Electronics Engineering. And right after graduation in 2006 i along with my other Co-founders started our company Brain Station-23.

He got inspired by the global Tech Giants and the news of latest techs always excites me.

From his experiences of the International Tech Conferences and Fairs over the last few years one idea is very clear to me that, as a nation we can empower ourselves with IT industry. And he is an expectant of watching our country triumph in the global competition.