Speaker - Dr. Rubaiyat Islam Sadat


Dr. Rubaiyat Islam Sadat

Founder & CEO

Mulytic Labs GmbH

Dr. Rubaiyat Islam Sadat

Professional Summary

Innovator and tech-entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in business leadership with a

track record for scaling global businesses, delivering customer-focused solutions, driving strategic

thinking and employing data-driven execution through innovative leadership across multiple

geographies. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management.

Visionary product developer with deep education in research and analytics. Effective communicator

and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals.

Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback.


• Head of Product Development / CTO of Volkswagen Data Lab that built a cloud-native service

platform to normalize and combine disparate data sources from Autonomous Vehicle and the core

software platform for Electric Vehicle.

• Former technical leader of System Architecture for Tesla BMS (Battery Management System)

• Founder and Chairman of Nash Investments Group GmbH, a family owned and operated venture

capital investor focused on technology innovators. Nash Investments was among the very few

VC firms that believed in the potential of digital assets before the hype. The group invests in all

development and growth phases of technology companies. Nash Investments offers its portfolio

companies not only financial resources, but also strategic and operational support, as well as

access to an international network and capital markets.

• Founder and Chairman of Mulytic Labs GmbH, one of the sister concerns of Nash Investments

Group, where he led strategy, structure, processes, metrics, and people dimensions to new heights

through innovation of new products and entering new markets of the melting point of Automotive

and Renewable Energy domains

• Project Coordinator of several German Government as well as European Commission funded

research and development projects over the last 7 years

• Grew Charging Solutions for EV business by 30% of services and through cloud services

increased uptime by 48%.

• Led P&L’s with revenues as high as $50M and 100+ engineers, developers and architects across

multiple geographies.

• Molded disparate teams from different geographies into one homogeneous team that supported a

follow-the-sun support and DevOps methodology.Led customer deployment quality turnaround

by driving orchestration automation from 48% to 82% in 2 years, decreasing delivery time by

64% and lowering costs by $4.5M.

International Expertise

• ASIA: Over 5 years' experience working in the Asia Pacific markets with service delivery, product

development and rollout in India, Bangladesh, and China.

• EUROPE: Worked with partners, investors for over 7 years in Germany, UK and Italy.

• GLOBAL SERVICES: Led disparate global teams from Asia Pacific (India, China, Bangladesh),

Europe (Germany, Poland, Netherlands) and Africa (Mauritius) into a unified whole.


• AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES (HEV, EV, BMS, Autonomous and Connected Vehicle,

AUTOSAR, Automotive Diagnostics, Vehicle Dynamics )

• RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES (Smart Grid, Microgrid, Energy Trading, Grid


• ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Machine Learning Platforms, Decision Management, AI

Optimized Hardware, Deep Learning Platforms, Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

(NLP), Cyber Defense)

• CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Orchestration, Amazon Web Services AWS,


• SECURITY (Authentication, Encryption, Cloud & Networking Security, GDPR Compliance, Pen

testing, Ethical Hacking)