Speaker - Mr. Almasur Rahman PhD

Keynote Presenter

Mr. Almasur Rahman PhD

Counsellor, Mind Gym

East West University

Mr. Almasur Rahman PhD

Dr Almasur Rahman has been doing public speaking to help reduce stress, anger issues and proactive attitude and Positive Thinking for the last 15 yrs. He not only participated in Bangladesh but also spoke in conferences in India and Malaysia. He gives training in government institutions as well as Private and corporate sectors.


Dr Almasur Rahman completed Honor’s and Master’s Degree in Dept. of Botany, Main subject was Genetics in Dhaka University. Then he completed a PhD Degree (Biotechnology) from American World University, USA. Also completed Raj Yoga from Academy for Better World, Rajasthan, India). Received “Diploma on Universal Brotherhood” from International theosophical Society from Chennai, India.



a) Counsellor, Mind Gym, East West University

b) National Lecturer: The Theosophical Society, Bangladesh Section, Estb-1875 at USA. H.Q: Chennai

c) International Arbiter and Trainer (World Chess Federation)

d) Trainer (Faculty): Academy of Business Professionals (ABP)( Postgraduate Diploma in Soft Skills and Leadership Development) 

e) Head of Spiritual & Moral Science Center: Ànanda Yoga & Wellness Institute (AYWI)

f) Life member: Dhaka University Alumni Association

g) Life member: Bangladesh Lion Foundation

h) President: Professional Public Speakers Forum Bd-PPSF



a) Successfully completed Management and Leadership Training Course from FPSTC, Dhaka.

b) Successfully completed Master Trainer Training organized by Post Literacy and Continuing Education for Human Development Project - Dhaka

c) Coach’s (TOT) Training from London, UK.

d) Successfully completed “Advanced Mind Control” courses. 

e) Trained on Alternative Medicine, Meditation and Light & Sound Visualization Therapy


Dr. Rahman has written three Books

1. How to Control Your Anger and stress

2. Thought Pattern

3. Unfold your potential