Speaker - Mr. Rashed Kamal


Mr. Rashed Kamal


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Mr. Rashed Kamal

Rashed Kamal is CEO at The Databiz Software Ltd. company in Dhaka / Bangladesh and International Consultant at ITC (Geneva). Rashed is associated to E&M and acted several times as co-trainer and coach in E&M’s export strategy programmes all over the world. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from IBA(Institute of Business Administration), Dhaka University and post graduation from Institute of Information Technology (IIT) from the same university . He is a Certified Software Infrastructure specialist and has over 16 years work experience in the greater Eastern Asian region and in Western European countries.

It is from this experience and knowledge of the private sector in the two continents that has equipped Rashed with understanding of business and cultural environments of countries where he has worked and knowledge of the current trends in international trade.