Speaker - Mr. Shihab Uddin Alvi


Mr. Shihab Uddin Alvi

Hard Surface Artist


Mr. Shihab Uddin Alvi

I am expert on creating game-ready hard surface assets like props, vehicles and weapons for AAA games. My key area in the production pipeline is from modeling game-ready assets to texturing believable details that fits the overall art direction of the project. Currently working remotely at Crytek as a Hard-Surface Artist for Hunt:Showdown project. At Crytek I am working with the weapons team and mostly making weapon variants and legendary skins. Besides making weapons, I am also reviewing contents from our external partners, guiding them and sometimes polishing their works to meet the quality bar of our game. In the past 6 years, I have successfully shipped AAA titles like Returnal, Godfall, Scavengers and a few more. Not only games, but I also had the chance to work for clients like Epic Games for a real-time architectural visualization project.

My aim is to deliver precise and finest quality assets that can play a strong positive impact on gameplay to the gamers.