Speaker - Ms. Sonia Parvin


Ms. Sonia Parvin

Mental Health Specialist

Esho Nije Kori (Mental health & Psychotherapy Centre)

Ms. Sonia Parvin

Ms. Sonia Parvin is the Founder of Esho Nije Kori and a CBT Therapist with five years of experience in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Clinical Practice, Psychological Assessment, Clinical Behavioral Approach, Patient Assessment, Problem Solving, and providing Psychotherapy and Counseling to mental health patients/clients through one-on-one sessions, group sessions, family sessions, and by organizing workshops and training for adolescents, couples, adults, corporate personnel, and mental health professionals.


For 22 years, she worked as a Business Owner and Corporate Professional in various areas, including administration, supply chain, people management, business analysis, stakeholder management, relationship management, complaint handling, critical client management, assessment, evaluation, and training. As a growth-focused leader, she was driven to improve Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Consultancy with new concepts and methods and expertise in planning, positioning, and channel development.


She has an impressive track record of providing successful therapeutic solutions (with a 70% satisfaction rate) to clients suffering from depression, anxiety, or other emotional and behavioural issues. Her effective methods include proper assessments and analysis, accurate therapy, methodical counselling, and a clinical approach.