Startup Conference

  • Date

    24th Feb 2023, Friday

  • Type

    Big Show

  • Speakers

    13 Speaker(s)

  • Total Attendance


  • Time

    09:00am - 12:00pm

  • Venue

    Big Tent



The Bangladesh startup scene has been on a rapid rise, attracting FDI and becoming a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. With over 1,200 active startups and a cumulative FDI of $800 million in the past five years, the country is flourishing in sectors such as fintech, logistics, and mobility. The upcoming event will delve into eight distinctive segments, the details of which are outlined below:

  • Date: Friday, February 24, 2023
  • Time: 08:30 AM - 01:00 PM
  • Venue: Big Tent, Bangabandhu Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center, Purbachal


1. Networking Breakfast

TITLE: Breaking Bad and Building Relationships (Invited Guest Only)

TIME: 08:00 am - 09:15 am

OBJECTIVE: To start the day with a bang and network with some of the brightest minds in the startup world. This exclusive breakfast session is limited to invited guests only, primarily consisting of founders, investors, and startup ecosystem partners, with a tentative attendance of 100 individuals.

2. Inauguration By Sami Ahmed

TITLE: Inauguration Declaration

TIME: 09:30 am - 09:40 am

OBJECTIVE: Sami Ahmed, Managing Director of Startup Bangladesh Limited, which is a government-supported initiative aimed at promoting the development of the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh. The program provides funding, training, and support to entrepreneurs, as well as connecting them with investors and mentors. He has funded multiple startups who are thriving in the industry.

3. Startup Fact And Figures

TITLE: Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem-Coming of age

TIME: 09:40 am - 10:00 am

OBJECTIVE: To provide the audience with facts and figures and support the cause of why we are conservatively optimistic despite past challenges and potential threats.

3. Debate

TITLE: Growth vs Profitability! Which comes first?

TIME: 10:00 am - 10:45 am

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the "Growth vs. Profitability: What Comes First for a Startup?" debate is to provide startup founders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs with valuable insights into the advantages and disadvantages of prioritizing growth versus profitability. Through a lively discussion and expert panel, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of which strategy might be the right choice for their business, and be better equipped to make informed decisions to drive long-term success. Additionally, the event aims to provide a platform for networking and collaboration among attendees and industry experts.

4. Tips for Fundraising

TITLE: Tips to raise funds- locally and globally

TIME: 10:45 am - 11:30 am

OBJECTIVE: The event aims to help entrepreneurs learn from industry experts and seasoned investors about the latest fundraising strategies, including how to create a compelling pitch and approach global and local investors.

5. Talk with Ashneer Grover

TITLE: Meet the Shark, Ashneer Grover

TIME: 11:30 am - 12:30 am

OBJECTIVE: This program is specially designed around you for our attendees to enjoy a thought-provoking and very interactive conversation, as you will be sharing your insights on the world of startups and what the future holds.

6. Closing

TITLE: Closing by Russell T. Ahmed

TIME: 12:30 pm - 12:40 pm

OBJECTIVE: Russell T Ahmed, President, BASIS will have a closing session at the Startup Conference at the BASIS SoftExpo 2023, he may offer insights and reflections on the state of the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh, as well as the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.



Adnan Imtiaz Halim

Founder & CEO

SHEBA Platform Limited


Mr. A.K.M. Fahim Mashroor

Chief Executive Officer Limited



Advisory Lead

Bangladesh Angels


Mr. Ayman Sadiq

Founder and CEO

10 Minute School


Mr. Sami Ahmed

Managing Director

Startup Bangladesh Limited


Biplob Ghosh Rahul

Founder & CEO

eCourier Limited


Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Light castle partners


Md. Tajdin Hassan

Chief Business Officer

The Daily Star


Mirza Salman Hossain Beg

Co-Founder & COO

10 Minute School


Mr. Mohammad Oli Ahad

Managing Director

Intelligent Machines Limited


Rahat Ahmed

Founding Partner and CEO

Anchorless Bangladesh


Waseem Alim

Co-Founder & CEO


Special Guest

Ashneer Grover

Meet the shark, Founder