Mobile Application : Monetization is the key

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Mobile Application : Monetization is the key

Date : 2nd February, 2017 Venue : Media Bazzar Time : 03:00 PM~05:00 PM



Mobile Application : Monetization is the key


2nd February 2017, Thursday


03:00 PM~05:00 PM


Media Bazzar

Monetization is a key component of almost any mobile app. In some cases, the monetization is passive, merely a value add that an app offers for current customers and prospects, as in a mobile banking app. But monetization is much more direct, coming in the form of in-app purchases, advertisements or paid apps. However, many monetization options create obstacles for users. Some are incredibly clunky, preventing a clean, simple user experience. Others bring about privacy concerns, with far too much personally identifiable information gathered and shared. Developers should be compensated fairly for their efforts, but we, in general, everyone think most developers agree that this shouldn’t come at the expense of their users. The seminar will focus on app user experience expectations, advertisers need a way to reach relevant people at the moment they are most likely to act, guaranteed monetization and many more.